Eva Heredia

Eva is a parent leader at Rocketship Discovery Prep and at KIPP Heritage Academy in East Side San Jose. She currently lives in San Jose California with her two beautiful daughters and her husband. She was born in Mexico City in 1976 but also considers Oaxaca as her home because of her mother. She began her leadership at Rocketship Discovery Prep four years ago. She learned that there was so much ore that she could do as a parent beyond volunteering in her children’s classroom. Eva became fully aware of the political involvement a parent must act on. She has experience and extensive knowledge about public officials, school board members and school administrators who play an important role in public education in East Side San Jose. Besides being a champion for high quality education and choice, she also helped build the Wooster Neighborhood Association in her community. She is the voice for her children, students and her community. She is a huge supporter for parent engagement, choice and access to higher education.

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