#KIPPisCommunity:Family Day

What are your dreams for your children and your community? Whatever, they may be they’ll never be known if you don’t voice them. And they’ll never have an opportunity to come to life if you don’t act on them. Which is why, civic engagement is so important. It provides individuals the ability to get involved at their own comfort level while still helping to create change and growth in our communities. Civic engagement can entail voting, organizing, advocating, volunteering services and a lot more. You choose, you act on it, and your community thrives because of it.

At this free, upcoming community event:

#KIPPisCommunity Family Day

September 27, 2016


Karsh Family Campus

4800 East Cesar E. Chavez Ave.

             Los Ángeles, CA 90022                

You can learn how to share your own voice. KIPP and community partners are inviting families and the community to come out and learn what services are available in your East Los Angeles community to help you stay connected.

Note that, you don’t have to live in the East Los Angeles district to participate in this event. This event is open to all.

Do you want to get involved or help make a difference but don’t know how?

This event can help! September 27th is also National Voter Registration Day, and you can bet that there will be a voter registration table to help you get registered and give you the information you need to be prepared for the general elections in November and the local elections in March. You can also register to vote today by clicking here.

For more information on voting and getting registered to vote, check out

Use Your Voice: Don’t Forget to Vote”.

Even if you are not eligible to vote, you can make a huge difference in your community, and KIPP would like to show you how. Just a couple ways are by attending board meetings and by parents partnering with community members.

KIPP would like their entire community to know that every voice matters in an effort to lift and better our families well being and our communities. And that every voice is appreciated. Through civic engagement we can achieve a lot of great things for our community but we have to be willing to learn and get involved. You have to want to be a part of the improvements that your children and their children will benefit from. Help us stay connected to each other and get engaged at #KIPPisCommunity Family Day.

*The first 300 people to stop by the informational booth will get a ticket for a free IN-N-OUT burger.

*Stop by the many booths and get to know your community and your fellow citizens.

*Learn about Charter schools.

*Get information and register to vote at the voter registration booth.

*Learn the importance of getting involved and how to get involved.

KIPP Families and Community Partners invite us to engage in our community.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and gain insight.  Hosted by KIPP Sol Academy and KIPP lluminar Academy

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Monica Luna Gonzalez

Monica Luna Gonzalez

Monica Luna Gonzalez is a certified Life Coach who works with parents by helping them learn to utilize their amazing parenting skills. She began this line of work after working solely with children for over two years and learning of a disconnect between a lot of the child-parent relationships. She is a mom of two children. Her oldest is a freshman in college and her youngest is shopping for preschools. She was a teen mom who graduated from Bell High School, despite the challenges that came from being a teen mom. She wishes she would have been prepared for college right after high school, which is why she wants to help others improve their children's chances for a better education. She is a non-traditional college student as she returned to college 18 years after graduating from high school.

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