A Fresno Mommy Rounding Up Parents to Help their Kids!

Here in the Fresno Unified District, the schools are at a very low level of learning with much to be desired. My eldest son is seven years old and in first grade, arguably I still do not have much to worry about because he is still too small to be in trouble. But I already worry about how to help him be a triumphant young man someday! Do you wonder about what you are doing to help your kids at an early age?

I think the base for educating a child is in the home, where children learn to have respect for everyone regardless of gender, race, or religion. It is important for parents to teach children good manners, values (not to steal, lie, cheat, and help the needy). And above all, I want teach my children to be proud of their Latino roots. I am doing my best to raise my children in a home with strong values.

Following the home base as a foundation for education, our schools, teachers, and peers are important influences. As parents, what are we doing to form a strong and powerful team with teachers? How many times have we approached teachers to offer them for support with our children? We must remember that we are the PARENTS, so the initiative should always come from us. We must engage with the teachers and the school staff to build good lines of communication, and this will help us gauge to see if they are actually doing the job they were hired to do. I am the type of mom that approaches my son’s teacher on a frequent basis to see how his week was, ask if there is material challenging him and just keep the lines of communication open. I do this now and plan to do it at every grade.   As parents we must take an interest in what the teachers are doing and in all of the scholastic activities our children are involved in, and we must be as supportive as possible! Our children will know we care and are interested as well as concerned with their progress. Our children need to know that we will be by their side unconditionally.

Together, as a team of parents, teachers, and students, we can help improve the quality of our schools, and then we will see fewer parents leaving Fresno Unified School district in search of better schools. If parents unite and communicate with educators and district leaders, we can impact change that improve our schools.

What do you think?

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Lorena Moreno

Lorena Moreno

Lorena Moreno is a Latina mommy of three children living in the a predominantly Latino community in Southwest Fresno, California.

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