A Special Education Angel

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to acknowledge an exceptional teacher. As two moms with children in middle school, we felt compelled to show our appreciation by commending the effort and support this teacher gives her students every single day. 

Ms. Bermudes is a middle school teacher who teaches special education, and does an exceptional job at it. Both of our sons are in her class, and we have seen improvement in their day to day interactions on a personal level. We are grateful for all that she does and would like to each express how we feel:

Ana, Italo’s Mommy:

Before my son Italo was in Ms. Bermudes’s class, he had many behavioral challenges and did not like going to school. However, since Ms. Bermudes became his teacher, there’s been a 180 degree change in his motivation, and behavior. I’ve noticed he has become much more independent and likes to attend class. The dedication and patience that Ms. Bermudes demonstrates to the students in her class is incredible. Treating her students with respect, dignity, and equality is a priority to her and we see this every day.

Thank you very much Ms. Bermudes for everything you’ve done to help my son Italo. 

Emma, Joshua’s Mom:

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Ms. Bermudes during Teacher Appreciation Week.  I am very grateful to Ms. Bermudes who began the special education program at the middle school my son attends.  She is a teacher who puts all her heart into her career, with the intent to help her students. 

When my son Joshua was enrolled into Ms. Bermudes’s class, he was not very verbal. Now, Joshua is able to express himself due to Ms. Bermudes’s support. Joshua’s behavior has also improved 100%, she redirects him in a positive and patient manner. Ms. Bermudes treats our children with the respect they deserve. Our students need more teachers like her.  The last 3 years have been the best years in Joshua’s academic life and I am eternally grateful for you. My family and I will never forget all you have done.

 A thousand thanks to this wonderful teacher who is an angel in the life of every child who enters her classroom.

Written by:

Ana Ibarra is the proud mommy of Italo and Patricio. She believes all people with different needs must be respected. She is disheartened by the fact our Latino communities lack early detection, information, and services to help those with special needs live normal lives. Ana believes a lack of empathy for special needs families makes the journey even tougher. Striving to create a healthy present and future life for her children, Ana affirms their diagnosis and disabilities are not labels to hold them back. With the support of parent groups like Yo Soy Tu Voz, Ana continues to advocate for breaking stigmas imposed by our society.

Emma Tecpa, is from San José California. She has a son named Joshua who is autistic, however, that doesn’t stop him from being a happy teenager. He brings Emma the biggest smiles, even though the many hurdles they’ve encountered together. Their journey has taught Emma so much about herself and about Joshua. They are both warriors, and she is incredibly proud of her son’s ability to keep moving forward. Emma adores her son’s personality; he has a pleasant sense of humor and brings joy to her life. Emma intends to continue advocating for Joshua’s human rights.
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