For Lourdes, My Mother

Today, I want to talk to you about someone who impacted my life. My mom. 

Thanks to her, I am the woman that I am (although sometimes it is difficult for me to accept it!) 

When I was younger, I was a troublemaker. I remember getting my mother involved in every problem you can think of. My mischievous ways resulted in my relatives giving me an affectionate nickname; Earthquake 3000. 

My mother Lourdes realized that I was not like the other kids, since I was very impulsive and hyperactive. As it turns out, I have ADHD. My mother took me to specialists, therapists, and tutors so I could catch up with my classmates and not fall behind. She would always encourage me to continue studying, even though I was not doing well in school.

Many teachers and so-called “friends” would tell my mom that I was not going to finish high school, and might never even learn how to read and write. But things didn’t turn out that way. With her support and persistence, I graduated from high school and went on to my career. 

Mom, thank you for believing in me and not giving up. I know it was not easy, and despite all the difficulties we faced, we leaned on each other to find solutions.

This is your day. I wish you the best and thank you for being my mom. I love you.

What do you think?
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Ana Ibarra

Ana Ibarra

Ana Ibarra is the proud mommy of Italo and Patricio. She believes all people with different needs must be respected. She is disheartened by the fact our Latino communities lack early detection, information, and services to help those with special needs live normal lives. Ana believes a lack of empathy for special needs families makes the journey even tougher. Striving to create a healthy present and future life for her children, Ana affirms their diagnosis and disabilities are not labels to hold them back. With the support of parent groups like Yo Soy Tu Voz, Ana continues to advocate for breaking stigmas imposed by our society.

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