I Feel Valued as a Parent at New Academy Canoga Park

New Academy Canoga Park (NACP), is a public school but in my opinion, it is very unique, and that is why I would recommend it to any parent who is looking for a new elementary school for their children. Firstly, their classrooms and shared spaces for meetings and assemblies are well organized, I love the classrooms, the patio, and the staff has always been very friendly as well. 

The staff makes me feel like I am at home;  parents have a parent center, we have the principal who gives us attention and values ​​communication with us. So it is a school that makes us feel like family, and I would recommend them because the school takes us into account. And if you are interested in your children learning both languages, it would be a good option for them, and I recommend it.

What makes the school special is the leadership of the principal, staff, and teachers. Everyone works together for the future of the students. They have motivated me to be part of a community of parents within the school. The school helped me create this environment and shows me that they value relationships with parents. The simple fact that it has a parent center where they offer many workshops that help us with our children is important to me. They always take us into account when they are going to offer new workshops. They give us the option to vote, and for me, it is very unique.

With the workshops, I have learned that as a mother, my presence in everything academic is essential and not to leave the sole obligation to the teachers. They have taught me how to help with homework and ask for help when I don’t understand what they are learning. These workshops help in the communication with my children because they know that I am always involved. 

I wanted to get involved in the parent group because this is also an example for my children. They teach us to get involved at school and with the community that is nice as a parent. It helps us socialize, open our minds, and it helps us be better, and as parents, we are taken into account. It makes me feel happy and very important.

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Jeymi Garcia

Jeymi Garcia

Jeymi Garcia is the mother of three children. All three of her children have been or are students at New Academy Canoga Park School. Jeymi has always valued public education and when her oldest daughter started school, she learned about the best public schools near her. Jeymi wants her children to be well prepared to go to college when the time comes and that is why she always stays informed about what is happening in their schools and is part of parent groups.

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