Tired of Politicians Who Don’t Keep Their Promises: This is Why I’m Running for LA City Council

As a lifelong resident of Pacoima, I understand the needs of my community better than any politician. My parents were immigrants from Mexico who settled in Pacoima to create a better life for myself and my seven siblings. Despite their best intentions, growing up in Pacoima wasn’t always easy. Our public schools didn’t have the same resources as schools in more affluent areas. And a lot of other students I knew fell through the cracks. And as a result, they were not set up for success because the system failed them. I knew when I had my sons that I did not want them to experience the same struggles, I saw all around me. And that is why I made a commitment to not just get involved in their education, but to get involved in our community as a whole. 

Over ten years ago, I started volunteering with First 5 LA, as a way to ensure that families’ voices were being included in the decision-making process within their communities. I did this in the capacity of a parent representative in the Best Start leadership body. When my boys were in elementary school, I created a mentorship program at Pacoima Charter Elementary, to engage young children in volunteerism. Years later this program still exists today and it continues to help our youth build their confidence and plant the seeds for a lifelong commitment of service to their community. As the Neighborhood Council President of Pacoima, I have been on the ground connecting with and supporting the needs of my community for years. Volunteering at food shelters, at our local public schools, with nonprofit organizations, and with C-PAB (Community Police Advisory Board), has allowed me to build strong relationships and partnerships with the groups who serve our community. 

I have also volunteered and worked on several different local campaigns to help the “right candidate” get elected. From school board to City Council to Senate and Assembly elections, I have been involved in every level of local campaigns and elections. After years of disappointing leadership, I feel it is now my time to run for office and represent my community, instead of supporting a candidate who may or may not keep their campaign promises. And I feel now is the time to stop hoping that our local politicians will listen to us and do the right thing, not just for some constituents but for all of the residents in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. This is why I am running LA City Council. 


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Elisa Avalos

Elisa Avalos

Elisa Avalos was born and raised in Pacoima and plays an instrumental role in bringing equity and access to all community members as a volunteer, organizer, and activist. The proud daughter of immigrants, Ms. Avalos’s mother and father instilled in her a strong commitment to volunteerism, teaching her to give back to her country and community. A cancer survivor, Ms. Avalos has volunteered for the Pacoima and San Fernando Relay for Life efforts for several years, sharing her story to inspire others to commit to help find a cure for cancer. Ms. Avalos is a dedicated mother who has a vision that all children have the opportunities to reach their full potential and volunteered for ten years with First 5 LA, serving as a parent representative in the Best Start leadership body, ensuring that families’ voices are included in decision-making within their communities. Ms. Avalos designed a mentorship program at Pacoima Charter, to engage young children in volunteerism, building their confidence and planting the seed for a lifelong commitment to being in service to her community. Elisa’s love for the community of the San Fernando Valley is unmatched, and as the president of the Pacoima Neighborhood Council, she has shown her dedication time and time again.

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