Dina Cervantez

Dina is a Chicana, daughter of once immigrant parents who worked the fields in pursuit of the American Dream. Although a once labeled an “at risk youth,” Dina found her way and voice in organizing for equity and access to education. She is the first in her family to graduate from college and a university. Since 2002, Dina has been engaged in a focused fight to advance quality of life and education, in Los Angeles and for California’s Higher Education Systems. In LAUSD, she has worked for now Board President Steve Zimmer in areas of policy, communications and in constituent services on several separate occasions. As Senior Vice President at Del Sol Group, she lead efforts with advancement and development in areas of education and sustainability and in earlier years, as a student at Cal State Northridge, she was elected President and Chair of the CA State Student Association; she was the officially recognized spokesperson for the over 450,000 students of the California State University (CSU), the nation's largest four-year student organization.

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