Katie Aragón

Katie grew up in San Diego, CA where she experienced the unique gifts and challenges of living in a border city. Upon graduating from San Diego High School, she moved back East to attend Yale University, where she graduated with distinction in her major, Ethnicity, Race and Migration and was awarded the Nakanishi Prize. Shortly after graduation she returned to California where she served as the Northern California Organizing Director for FWD.us, leading engagement with 20+ Members of Congress, building a supporter base, and working with companies and the press to highlight the need for immigration reform. She now lives and works in Washington, D.C. as the Grassroots Communications Manager for FWD.us. Katie coordinates FWD.us' national media surrogate program as well as InformedImmigrant.com, an online resource hub for the undocumented community. She is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants and hopes to pay it forward by fighting for inclusive and welcoming policies that enable current and future immigrants to the U.S. to thrive.

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