Hello, I am Marian and I am a manager in technical support company in the US. You can investigate and resolve the Orbi flashing white light issue by following these steps. First, confirm that the Orbi router and satellite are situated within a sufficient range. After disconnecting for ten seconds, reconnect to the power cycle of both devices. To check for firmware updates, use the web interface on the Orbi router. If there is new firmware available, update it. Verify that the Ethernet cable is securely fastened, and then use your modem to check your internet connection. The Orbi system may be reset by pressing the back reset button for 10 seconds. Consider relocating the devices, lowering interference, or contacting Netgear support for more assistance if the issue persists. You will be able to resolve the flashing white light issue on your Orbi and restore dependable connectivity by following these procedures.

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