Officers help daughter of late officer celebrate her graduation: Lets think of children who need us during these special events

Graduations can be hard for those students whose parents cannot be with them because of death or other separation. This is a reminder that we can stand with students when their parents cannot. All of us- Tias, Ninas, Nanas, Teachers, Friends and Family can play an important role for these children. They need love and support especially during these incredible milestones celebrating their educational accomplishments and preparing them for the next phase of their lives. Showing up is priceless.

Las graduaciones pueden ser muy difícil para estudiantes, que por muerte or separación, no pueden tener sus padres con ellos. Esto nos recuerda que podemos unirnos con estudiantes cuando no pueden sus papas. Todas- Tias, Ninas, Nanas, Maestras, Amigas y Parientes podemos jugar un papal importante para estos niños. Ellos necesitan amor y apoyo especialmente cuando celebran sus logros educativos  tan especiales y el prepararlos para sus próximos pasos en su vida. El tan solo llegar y estar presente es inestimable.

Viva Officer Vasquez and Congratulations Valerie!



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Alma V. Marquez

Alma V. Marquez

Alma V. Marquez is the founder of and is the founder and CEO of Del Sol Group, a communications and public affairs firm focusing on Strategy, Outreach and Leadership in Education, Voter and Civic Engagement. She specializes in parent education, politics and community organizing. She is a proud product of California public schools. She is a graduate of Huntington Park High School in Southeast LA. She also completed her all of credit recovery classes at Maxine Waters Occupational Center in Watts in order to graduate from high school. She attended East LA College and transferred to Occidental College where she earned a Bachelor's degree in English and Comparative Literary Students and Politics. She earned a Master of Arts Degree in Urban Planning at UCLA. Her daughter is a junior in a charter school, chartered by LAUSD. She decided to start the LA Comadre blog because she wanted to create a platform for Latinas and education.

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