LAUSD School Board Race 2017: Garcia Wins, Zimmer Headed to Runoff and More

Yesterday was election day in Los Angeles County, and we were keeping an eye on what was happening with the Los Angeles Unified School District School Board races. This is just a brief report of the results that we have so far.

In District 2, Monica Garcia won re-election outright. She has been on the board the longest, and her popularity with the community is evident. Garcia won 57% of the vote. This will be her last term because of term limits, and she will serve until 2022. We’re a fan of Garcia because she has a track record of putting students first. You can read about her accomplishments here. Congrats Monica!

In District 4, Steven Zimmer, who currently serves as President of the Board, is headed to a runoff against Nick Melvoin. Zimmer earned 47% of the vote last night. He is supported by the teachers union and other labor groups. Zimmer’s campaign has largely been framed the traditional vs. charter school debate.

And in District 6, Kelly Gonez, who is the only teacher who was running in her district, will face Imelda Padilla in the runoff. Gonez earned 36% of the vote to Padilla’s 31%. Gonez is someone to watch because she’s relatively young at 28, and she has a unique combination of experience being a seventh grade science teacher and having worked as an educational policy advisor in the Obama administration.

We will keep you updated as these runoff elections take shape.

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