Why I Keep Fighting For My Son Who Is On the Autism Spectrum

Dear Son,

I hope some day you are able to understand my point of view and know that everything I have done has been for you, that I took you to see so many specialists because I believed they could provide an accurate diagnosis or lead us to the right specialist. I never took no for an answer. I kept asking questions and chose not to settle because I knew and still believe that I can find something better for you. I had to plead my case to so many specialists because I believed it was important to find at least one who might eventually come to see my perspective. You are very high functioning. You don’t seem autistic enough, according to some of the specialists I’ve asked to see you, but, from the moment you were born, I could sense that something was not right.

I am trying to get you a better education even if you are on the Autism Spectrum and have a speech delay. You deserve the best education possible whether or not you do, in fact, have some sort of cognitive learning disadvantage. You have a right to be taught in a school that has great teachers who genuinely want you to succeed.

I hope that you understand how the ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy was good for both of us, that the 10-16 hours of weekly therapy helped you. I know it was a lot of repetition, and I know you often suffered from burn out. You were so young then, and so much of your life, your waking hours as a child—beginning when you were three-years-old and through the next two years—were spent repeating simple tasks. The repetition was meant to help you spell your name; learn how to hold a pencil correctly; tie your shoes; and say your name properly. It was meant to get you up to par with your peers at school.

It’s all mother’s intuition. I have fought to keep you since you were in my womb. I have been with you since the day you were born. I did not work and became an apartment manager to take care of you. I have always been your second voice. I know when you are sick, and I knew when you had to be rushed to the hospital for the fever that almost killed you. You are a strong fighter, my dear son. You represent the future generation of this country, maybe a future leader of this country. Keep fighting for your education when you go off to college and don’t settle for just one answer. I will always be close by and will always be there to take care of you.

Sincerely Your Mother,

Somaya Sanchez

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Somaya Sanchez

Somaya Sanchez

Somaya Sanchez , is a stay at home momtrepreneur .Having a child with a rare disease and then the child being diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder changed her life. Learning about Autism : it's just another way of learning. Going through the school system and advocating for her child's needs. Not settling for just one answer but getting second opinions.

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