Join Us for the 18th Annual Lynwood Alumni College Conference!

In 1999, a group of Lynwood Alumni came together to coordinate the first ever “Lynwood Alumni College Conference” with the hopes to inspire Lynwood students to follow the pathways to higher education. They intended to demonstrate that regardless of the community they lived in, they were all capable of going to and succeeding in college. Eighteen years later, this annual tradition continues, and the Lynwood Alumni are excited to host the “18th Annual Lynwood Alumni College Conference: “Creating Accessible Pathways” on Saturday, September 16th at Firebaugh High School in Lynwood, California.

Over 40 alumni volunteers will return to Lynwood to host parents and student workshops filled with information related to college, but more importantly, these people will share their testimonies, experiences, and advice about how to navigate life during and after high school. Following the workshops, alumni, decked out in their college gear, will represent their new schools at the college fair and engage students in conversations about college life. While the conference’s objective has shifted from inspiring students to pursue higher education, to providing them with the necessary tools to be equipped for a successful education both during and after high school, one matter has stayed consistent: to serve as a reminder to Lynwood students that that “If we can do it, so can you.”  

If you know a high school student that would benefit from this conference, please feel free to go to:

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Yvette Torres

Yvette Torres

Yvette Torres is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants and the first college graduate of her family. Growing up in Lynwood, she witnessed many friends fall victim to the obstacles of first generation students, but with the help of her teachers was able to reach her dreams of attending a four year university after graduation. She obtained her BA in Educational Studies and Psychology and Social Behavior from UC Irvine. With a strong love for her community and her passion to assist low-income students reach their college dreams, Yvette joined the Lynwood Alumni Association. She began by helping plan their annual College Conference and two years later took the lead as the Conference Chair. Previously she worked as the High School Coordinator for Be A Leader Foundation- Pico Rivera and mentored students through the college application process. Her love for helping students has taken her to the classroom and is currently working as a substitute teacher for her former school district, Lynwood Unified. Concurrently she is working on her Masters in School Counseling at Concordia University Irvine. Her dream is to return to Lynwood High School as their College and Career Counselor and help the students in her community.

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