Matt Damon’s Kids Deserve Great Schools, But Yours Don’t

Ugh, Matt Damon. He, alongside a bunch of other rich white folks who think that they know how to best serve our black or Latino children, recently produced a documentary film called Backpack Full of Cash. The film is filled with lies and fear tactics so, instead of wasting your time watching it, spend that time researching exactly what school choice is. Check out the scores of the local schools in your area. Does he even have kids in the public school system? Of course not, his CHOICE was private school! It’s flat out hypocritical for him to promote public education for everyone else while refusing to place his own kids in the same failing system. Why should he have school choice, but not you? He is a living, breathing example of school choice.

Matt Damon has chosen to opt his children out of the public education system but doesn’t wants you to have the same opportunity.  Elitist much? I think so. But who can blame him? After all, my own parents opted for private schools for me and my siblings. They made that choice because they did not have faith in the public school system (and wanted to torture us by instilling all that Catholic fear). Education reform is not a bad word or a bad thing. Parents, please educate yourselves.

Here’s a clip of Matt Damon expressing his view on public schools and why he chose private school for his own children.   

Unfortunately, the inability to process and comprehend facts is a direct negative impact and consequence of our failed education system. How can parents having a choice and voice in what school their kids attend be a BAD thing?  

For the sake of argument, let’s address the biggest elephant in the room.  Education IS in fact profitable. Here’s who makes the money: The State of California and the teacher unions (who ran the first poll I cited above) who get $850.00 per year from every single teacher in the state. Please compare that to the pittance that charter school operators make for improving the lives of your children in most cases! This kind of deceit should anger you. School choice opponents always use the false narrative about “millionaire special interest groups” want to take over the schools. But how can someone say that with a straight face? Teacher unions are also multi-million dollar organizations that exist only to profit off the backs of our children.

The false narrative about your choices is aggravating. These reform deniers are using you as pawns and using fear to advance their agendas by focusing parents energy on these imaginary “monster millionaires” that want better schools. Are you kidding me!? Yes the poor children who are failing in our schools have allies, and thank God that they do. These people should not be demonized for using their hard earned money to improve the education and lives of children. How ridiculous is the argument that a millionaire or billionaire needs your child’s ADA to get richer?  No, they do not. They will be rich no matter what. Who demonizes philanthropy? It’s like saying that the millionaires that give to Make a Wish Foundation are making money off dying children with cancer. In reality, we have people in power who want to continue an oppressive system that has failed thousands of kids for at least two generations.  

What do you think?

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