Now that Your College Applications Are Turned In, Here Are 5 Things You Need To Do!

Congratulations! It’s officially December, and by this time you should have submitted your CSU or UC applications. The stressful nights of working on Personal Insight Questions and EOP questions are over, but the work is not done. Here are a five things to keep in mind now that you have submitted your applications.

  1. Apply for Financial Aid

So you applied for college, but now you are wondering how will you pay for it? If you have not done so already, apply for Financial Aid through the Federal Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application. The application opened in October and although the deadline might not be until March 2nd, the sooner you apply the better. Visit or for the applications.

  1. Check your email EVERYDAY

Schools will soon be sending you important information regarding transcript deadlines, portal login information, or upcoming freshmen events. The majority of schools use email as their preferred method of communication so make sure you check your email daily for important messages.

  1. Create your student portals

Aside from emails, many schools will be communicating with you regarding your admissions exclusively through their student portals. They will use their portals to request additional information such as transcripts, tax verifications for financial aid, or to remind you to register for placement tests. It is important to meet the deadlines in your portal as you do not want to be denied admissions for not meeting one. Information on setting up your student portal will be sent to either your email or your home address. I suggest keeping a sheet will all your different school login information. There are going to be a lot of passwords and usernames to keep track of.  

  1.    Apply for Scholarships!!!

Filling out your Financial Aid application is a good way to receive money for school, but applying for scholarships can reduce your risk of taking out student or parent loans. Make it a good habit to work on scholarship applications, especially during your winter breaks and do your research.  There are thousands of dollars waiting for students, but many students do not take the time to apply for scholarships. If you need help finding scholarships try websites like or that are filled with hundreds of different scholarships. Also make sure to check in with your counselor or the College and Career Center at your schools as they might have scholarships specifically for your high school.


Repeat after me: “SENIORITIS DOES NOT EXIST!” For some odd reason, students usually check out after they have submitted their college applications. Remember that although colleges might not be asking you for your senior grades yet, many of them will be requesting 7th semester transcripts and will consider those grades before offering admission. If your grades are not up to par, you will no longer be considered for admissions to their campus. Do not let a D or an F on your transcripts be the reason that you are not accepted into your dream school.

But above all, be proud of yourself! Submitting college applications is a major step in moving towards your professional goals. You have put in a lot of hard work and dedication into making sure that you did everything right leading up to this moment and that is something you cannot and should not take for granted. Don’t allow anyone to take away that feeling of accomplishment away from you and remember, there are plenty of people rooting for you. Good Luck Class of ‘18!

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Yvette Torres

Yvette Torres

Yvette Torres is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants and the first college graduate of her family. Growing up in Lynwood, she witnessed many friends fall victim to the obstacles of first generation students, but with the help of her teachers was able to reach her dreams of attending a four year university after graduation. She obtained her BA in Educational Studies and Psychology and Social Behavior from UC Irvine. With a strong love for her community and her passion to assist low-income students reach their college dreams, Yvette joined the Lynwood Alumni Association. She began by helping plan their annual College Conference and two years later took the lead as the Conference Chair. Previously she worked as the High School Coordinator for Be A Leader Foundation- Pico Rivera and mentored students through the college application process. Her love for helping students has taken her to the classroom and is currently working as a substitute teacher for her former school district, Lynwood Unified. Concurrently she is working on her Masters in School Counseling at Concordia University Irvine. Her dream is to return to Lynwood High School as their College and Career Counselor and help the students in her community.

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