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The past year has seen a drastic increase in arrests and deportations of undocumented individuals, the majority of whom have no criminal backgrounds. Recent studies have shown that this hostile enforcement environment is having huge consequences on the mental and physical health of children of all ages, one in four of whom has at least one immigrant parent. Understanding the negative impact that current policies and actions can have on children and their ability to learn, we are excited to re-launch, a free online resource hub for undocumented immigrants and service providers working with immigrant communities (available in Spanish at We believe this is a valuable resource for the La Comadre community and hope you will also visit the site!

Developed in partnership with organizations including, the National Immigration Law Center, Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees, Californians Together, America’s Voice, and, the site features a new Educator’s Corner for teachers supporting undocumented students and parents, DACA and mental health guides, know your rights material, family preparedness plans and more.

Informed Immigrant also features an organization look-up tool with more than 1,200 immigrant-serving organizations across all 50 states. Finally, the site hosts an up-to-date resource library featuring more than 250 PDFs, videos, posters, toolkits, and online resources. All FAQs have been vetted by licensed immigration attorneys, and every resource on the site is shareable on Facebook, Twitter, email, and Whatsapp.

Our name reflects our deep hope for and ambitious mission of providing all undocumented immigrants with the knowledge and resources they need to feel prepared in an unpredictable environment. It is an accessible, one-stop-shop that empowers Americans, regardless of their citizenship status, to know their rights, protect their loved ones and prepare their families in case of separation. The site would not be possible without the hard work, input and resources from hundreds of organizations and community leaders around the country, who start and end every day helping others.

We are excited to offer an expanded site and to welcome La Comadre readers the Informed Immigrant familia!

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Katie Aragón

Katie Aragón

Katie grew up in San Diego, CA where she experienced the unique gifts and challenges of living in a border city. Upon graduating from San Diego High School, she moved back East to attend Yale University, where she graduated with distinction in her major, Ethnicity, Race and Migration and was awarded the Nakanishi Prize. Shortly after graduation she returned to California where she served as the Northern California Organizing Director for, leading engagement with 20+ Members of Congress, building a supporter base, and working with companies and the press to highlight the need for immigration reform. She now lives and works in Washington, D.C. as the Grassroots Communications Manager for Katie coordinates' national media surrogate program as well as, an online resource hub for the undocumented community. She is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants and hopes to pay it forward by fighting for inclusive and welcoming policies that enable current and future immigrants to the U.S. to thrive.

Katie Aragón

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