LAUSD Board District 5 Parents Problem Solving Groups To Voice Solutions and Address Issues Within Their Service Area Today

On Thursday, June 21, the new LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner, LAUSD Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez, and Local District Superintendent Roberto Martinez will be meeting with parents who form the Problem Solving Groups (PSGs). This is part of a parent engagement effort that Board Member Rodriguez started to make sure that parents are actively collaborating with the district about issues that affect their students.

Board Member Rodriguez said in a statement, “Parent engagement and grassroots policymaking are central to my vision of how we can make improvements to Board District 5 that last for generations. These PSGs give us a tool that can solve problems, but also form a culture of advocacy, collaboration, and leadership that hopefully spreads throughout District 5 as well as LA Unified. Parents who participate in these groups are representative of the communities I was elected to serve, and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with them, in addition to their trust in us that their participation is worth their time.”

This is an effort that La Comadre supports — getting parents actively engaged with policymakers. We know that when we can directly engage with school leaders that our concerns and the policies that we want to see are more likely to be enacted.

If you live in the LAUSD District 5 area, this meeting will take place at 10:00 AM today (Thursday) at the United Way of LA, AT&T Center, 4th Floor, 1150 South Olive Street, Los Angeles.


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