I Wish That All Schools Welcomed Children Like JFK Elementary School in Riverside Does for the First Day

As parents, it is important to motivate our children to be excited about starting a new school year, but seeing the teachers at my daughter’s school do the very same thing on the first day of school, filled me with excitement. Most of the students in the City of Riverside, California have returned to school this week, and my hopes are that all students were greeted with the same enthusiasm as the students at John F. Kennedy elementary school.

On the first day of school, the entrance of the school was filled with teachers and staff holding up signs that had positive messages that read “Welcome, Never give up, Be Kind, This year will be a good school year, Be positive, Make new friends” and statements of that manner.  The teachers greeted parents and students while dancing, and singing to Happy by Pharrell Williams all while holding the signs up. It was certainly a warm welcome with good vibes!

It was wonderful to see some children dry their tears and say goodbye to their parents as they began to dance to the rhythm of the teachers, while other children excitedly greeted their former teachers and new teachers and classmates for 2018-2019. Seeing our community joined with teachers for our children’s education makes all the difference.

Bravo for all our teachers at JFK (John F. Kennedy) Elementary School in Riverside, California for providing such an emotional and joyful welcome! Let’s have a successful school year!

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MaryCarmen Plancarte

MaryCarmen Plancarte

MaryCarmen is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two children. Her main priority is helping her children succeed in school. She values quality education and supports school choice.

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