Why First-Generation College Students Should Go to Out of State Colleges

One of the struggles of being a first-generation college student from a Latino community is building up the courage to go to college out of state. Building up the courage to leave your community and family in search of better opportunities is not an easy task. The thought of leaving your hometown and family is a frightening. It is especially harder when you are a woman and one of the oldest children in your family. Despite, all odds Madeline Aguirre, an incoming sophomore at The George Washington University, was able to gain the confidence and bravery to leave Pico Rivera, California and start her professional and academic journey in Washington D.C.

Madeline Aguirre will be entering her sophomore year at The George Washington University this fall with a major in international affairs with a concentration in international economics and a minor in business. After graduating from The George Washington University, Madeline hopes to enter a joint Juris Doctorate and MBA program or work for The World Bank.

Attending college out of state has given her a vast array of opportunities and experiences that she would not have been able to partake in if she did not go to college in Washington D.C. This summer she had the opportunity of interning with the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital. At The George Washington University, Madeline is able to be part of the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute. Also, Madeline had the opportunity of hearing the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, speak at her campus. Not only did she hear President Macron, but she had the opportunity to meet Eric Garcetti the mayor of Los Angeles and many more world leaders.

Madeline Aguirre is a prefect example of why first generation students should not be afraid to go to college out of state. Many first generation students should follow her example and leave California for their higher education journeys.

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Biane Arias

Biane Arias

Biane Arias is a first-generation student at the University of California-Riverside. Biane is extremely proud to be from Pico Rivera, California. She is a Political Science with an emphasis in Public Service major. Biane credits the amazing teachers and staff of the El Rancho Unified School District for helping her succeed and realize her passion for politics. Biane is an aspiring Public Servant, and Attorney. At UCR, Biane works at Undergraduate Admissions, and she previously worked at EAOP and the Moreno Valley Unified School District. Currently, Biane is a part of IGNITE's Southern California College Council.

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