Five Holiday Gift Ideas for Educators

During the holidays, a lot of parents think that getting a gift for their child’s teacher will benefit them by getting them on the nice list, I have come to see that it doesn’t always work. Still, give it a try and see what happens. Gifts you can give to an Educator in order of an actual wish list:

  1. A good book! Suggestion: Becoming – By Michelle Obama. This book has made the top sellers list in record weeks since its release. It is part of OPRAH’s Book club. This book is a clear depiction of Michelle Obama’s life and story that will inspire everyone. Now more than ever, folks in education need inspiration, and you’ll find it in this book.
  2. Tickets to a comedy show: Any good comedy show is a good comedy show if you go with an open mind. (Bonus if you gift them a free IMPROV class to expand their ability to speak in front of others). A good laugh always gets the soul going.
  3. A PLANNER! Nothing says education like a planner. People love being able to plan ahead on an empty year full of hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. They want to fill it up with plans and lessons, birthdays and the occasional 3 day weekend trips with the girls/guys.
  4. A SNUGGIE. Enough said.
  5. Ultimately: Pay RAISE. The future of our world is in the hands of our educational folks, many of whom are underpaid. It is always incredible to see how much they do with so little. From teachers to administrators, to classified employees and union reps, from parents to counselors, all of the people involved in any way should feel assured that they can survive and receive the proper support in the classroom and at home. We invest more in education, and communities will thrive.
What do you think?

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Jocelyn Sida

Jocelyn Sida

Jocelyn Sida, is the State Director for Mi Familia Vota- Nevada. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA. Jocelyn Sida graduated with her BA in Political Science and International Relations as well as Immigration Law. Jocelyn participated in her campus radio as she hosted the only Spanish radio show in northern Wisconsin. Her passion for civic engagement developed as she became the only Latina to be a part of the Rock the Vote project Rock the Trail in 2008.

Since then, Jocelyn has worked around the country in numerous campaigns. From her own bid for the school board in Fontana, CA , a town about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles in 2012, Jocelyn and her family worked tirelessly to promote environmental learning, community sustainability and liberal arts education. An effort to promote civic engagement and inspire the community to fight for education equality, immigration and healthcare through their vote, Jocelyn challenged incumbents in a tight race for the school board seat. Out of 11 candidates Jocelyn came in 4th with 5,697 votes. With an incredible showing for a grassroots campaign, Jocelyn’s political career progressed.

From Hawaii to New York, Miami to Chicago, and Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Jocelyn has worked in the Latino community to engage and organize the community in areas of technology, politics, health care, gender equality, reproductive rights issues, and immigration. Jocelyn continues work in diverse communities. She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.

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