Dear Politicians, Stop Focusing on $ and Start Representing the Needs of Our Children

It seems that some corrupt politicians are determined to punish the most vulnerable communities. When it seems that there is something that is working for our families and students, the money they want gets in the way of changes that are necessary. Or maybe it’s the commitment to pay for campaign favors?

Money is what pushes our elected officials to forget that there is a community that expects them to defend the human rights of our communities including EDUCATION.

But instead, elected officials are at the service of powerful organizations that corrupt them and make them forget that we are the ones they should serve and help. They forget that our low-income communities still pay our taxes too. I would like to be a millionaire so that I can pay for the campaigns so that you can support my community and other communities.

My demand is that politicians do not stop the development of low-income communities, they are communities with dreams of seeing our children become professionals since we have had schools that have failed us in teaching our children and for years we have not seen any favorable movement in our local schools.

Enough of being focused on the money instead focus on the problem we have which are low-performing schools. Our charter schools are public and are sending our children to college. Many politicians do not want to recognize that many of these schools are giving us the quality we deserve. This is not a matter of charter vs. traditional, this is a movement beyond what is now being discussed. Hopefully, one day soon you can collaborate to ensure that schools that are still failing progress and work together to improve the future of ALL of our children. We will do what we have to do to ensure that our children have the quality that is required to dismantle this system of injustice with which we live today.  

For us, the future of our families comes before anything. Hopefully, they can recognize it soon because for them we will fight with everything we have within reach.

What do you think?
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Heriberto Soto

Heriberto Soto

Heriberto Soto is a parent leader in East Side San Jose who was born in Zitacuaro, Michoacan in 1962 and migrated to San Jose in 1985. He began advocating for high quality education when he noticed his son was struggling in elementary school and was falling far behind. The school was not providing his child with the assistance and help that he needed to succeed. Heriberto has been a parent leader and advocate for KIPP Bay Area Schools (Knowledge is Power Program) and Rocketship Public Schools and actively advocates for high quality choice in East Side San Jose and other underserved communities where schools are not preparing students to learn and be successful citizens of the world. He wants to make sure that his children and other children in his community are not limited to opportunities to compete with the fast paced technological world we live in. He truly believes both KIPP and Rocketship are doing just that, opening up opportunities to children in East Side San Jose that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to attain. “Every child can learn, you just have to give them the opportunity to do so.”

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