If You Aren’t Graduating High School On Time, Don’t Despair

It’s time for graduations, celebrations, and also sorrows. Many of our high school graduates are scared yet eager to start their higher education journey, whether it’s by moving away to go to college or attending a local community college and living at home. I send my sincere congratulations to all the students who worked hard and have been able to accomplish their goals thus far. I also congratulate all the parents who have supported their children during their K-12 educational journey.

But what about all those students who are not crossing the stage this year? Maybe we can’t give our congratulations, but we can definitely send them messages of motivation.

There are various reasons, circumstances, or maybe lack of effort or support necessary to graduate from high school in 2019. Perhaps there are students who lost a loved one in their family this year and fell into a depression, there could be students who have been affected by awful immigration problems where parents and loved ones have been deported. Students are affected by these real life issues and their focus on studies can be lost. In many cases, the sole provider of families has been deported, which puts pressure on our high school students to enter the workforce, in order to help their household, and academics didn’t make the priority list. Health reasons can also hold students back from meeting academic expectations, and if this was the reason you were unable to graduate from high school this year, we hope you are on the road to recovery with intentions to finish your required courses to earn your GED.

We also have our students who might have been going through a challenging time with their academics and did not get extra help. Some may have not had trust and open lines of communication to get support his/her teachers. Many times educators are out of tune with their students, and many fall through the cracks, going unnoticed.  

If, for whatever reason, you did not succeed, this is for you.

There is a very true saying that says, “It’s better late than never.” It could not be 2019 was not your year, however, 2020 can be. A year goes by very quickly as you already witnessed it. Do not lose more and keep going, this does not end here, do not give up and continue the required steps to finish and get your GED.

Parents of students who did not graduate this year, I encourage you to continue to show support, love, and continue to motivate your child. Always remember that a child does not is not labeled by good grades, awards, or diplomas. The fact is that your child is a blessing in your life since inception, and that makes him/her a winner. Tell him you love him, tell him he can do it because in each child, in each student we have a universe of unique potentials.

You who did not graduate in 2019, 2020 will be your year. You can do it!

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MaryCarmen Plancarte

MaryCarmen Plancarte

MaryCarmen is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two children. Her main priority is helping her children succeed in school. She values quality education and supports school choice.

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