New Mood, New School Year: 4 Tips To Support Your Child’s New School Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. ABC’s and 123’s set the mood for a new school year. Some children will begin school next week, while others will begin next month. Starting a new school year is exciting and nerve wrecking, all at the same time. Let’s talk about it. A new school year is like starting the New Year on January 1st . Very excitingly, we begin the New Year with the hope to be successful and check off our New Year’s resolutions. However, for most people, life happens and somewhere in the year (or mid February), we tell ourselves it can’t be done.

I believe this is the same for children. Very excitingly, they start their “New School Year” with resolutions of making new friends and getting straight A’s. However, something happens during the year — a mind shift — and they give up on all the possibility of creating new friendships and getting good grades. Today’s words are dedicated to the 2019-2020 school year and the resolutions that our children will declare.

Here are a few tips to support your child in succeeding this 2019-2020 school year:

Tip #1: Create a 2019-2020 School Year Vision Board

Remember the more specific you make this, the better. For example, if your child wants to earn straight A’s, cut out multiple letter A’s and place them all over the board. Seeing the A’s everywhere will remind them subconsciously of this goal. Remember to place their board in a visible place where they will be reminded of their goals daily.

Tip #2: Practice Back to School (BTS) Affirmations

A few examples of BTS affirmations are: “I am ready and capable of working hard”, “I’m friendly and ready to make new friends”, “I’m confident and excited to learn new subjects”. You can also create your own. This can be a great opportunity to connect with your child.

Tip #3. Daily Guided Meditations

A guided mediation is an excellent tool to visualize success. Many famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Kobe Bryant, and Ellen DeGeneres practice meditation. Success is hard work, and sometimes stress comes with it. A guided meditation is a simple way for children to visualize success at school. For example, if your child gets nervous sharing in class, have him visualize himself standing up and talking in front of the whole class. You can also visit YouTube and search guided meditations for kids to support you in finding the perfect one for your child.

Tip #4: Let Your Child Take the Lead

Some people will say children aren’t emotionally capable of expressing their needs or fears. However, research suggests that children want to be seen, listened, and feel supported. A great way of ensuring your child’s emotional needs can be met this school year is by having them create their own plan of success. This will enable your child to take the lead and learn not only leadership skills but learn that they have the power to their own success. Questions like, “What comes up for you?”, “What do you want to declare?”, and “How can I support you in succeeding?” are great questions for your child to feel seen, heard, and supported.

In closing, maybe we parents have been down this road (I know I have) where we declare and then don’t follow through. However, let us be reminded of Nelson Madela’s words said, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” This new school year is our invitation to reflect and refocus! Who’s in?

What do you think?
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Karen Cervantes Jimenez

Karen Cervantes Jimenez

Karen Cervantes Jimenez a grant writer, storyteller, and advocate of the physical and social environment. She believes everyone is unique and that by sharing their personal stories, they can make a difference in education. She is an LAUSD and CalState University of Northridge alumna. In addition, she is an Autism Awareness and Emotional Intelligence advocate. She has three children (who are her inspiration) and lives with her family in Buena Park, CA.

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