Chula Vista Elementary School District Hosts 5th Annual Parent Academy

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the Chula Vista Elementary School District hosted its 5th Annual Parent Academy. 

The Parent Academy is geared towards parents of elementary school aged children and took place at Vista Square Elementary. 

Participants of the Academy had plenty of free parking, were treated to a catered breakfast, were able to attend three different workshops, enjoyed free daycare, and were even able to participate in raffles which gave prizes such as gift cards and coffee beans. The ambiance was friendly, the hosts were easily spotted, and it was an all around pleasant experience. 

There were also plenty of stations with resources available such as The Department of Child Support Services, Southwestern College, The Boy Scouts of America, and even Cox Cable to name a few. Parents were even given scholarships to future workshops so that we can continue learning how to be better stewards of our children. 

After the Academy, Cox Cable was present providing low cost computers for eligible families along with low price internet at $9.95 per month. All families who have children in grades K-12 and receive any kind of government assistance, including free lunches, are eligible. 

Workshops were geared towards parents to help us provide the best care for our children. There were different subjects such as recognizing stress in students, how to build grit in our students, how to recognize bullying (not just knowledge of when your child is being bullied but learning to recognize when your child is the bully), learning how to find and nurture your children’s innate talent and more. 

Children who attended daycare had a day filled with playing outside, listening to age appropriate music, and were able to make lots of art. 

Attending the Parent Academy was a very positive experience for me and my family, and I look forward to attending next year. 

Thank you Chula Vista Elementary School District for providing resources that make being an involved parent easier.

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Melissa Cota

Melissa Cota

Melissa Cota is a Freelance Writer and long time education advocate, who has worked as a Reading Coach, Tutor, and High School Teacher. She grew up attending Chula Vista schools including Kellogg Elementary, Castle Park Middle and Castle Park High. She went on to receive a Bachelor's Degree from San Diego State University and now hopes to positively affect the Chula Vista Elementary School District through involved parenting.

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