Lego STEM Activities for a Preschooler

Surviving extended periods of time at home and keeping your sanity is tough with young active and inquisitive children. When daycare, grandparents and activity clubs are all gone, what do you do? Raining outside too? Kids need something to entertain them. If they get bored, that’s usually when irritable or attention seeking behavior can set in. 

This year I decided I’d make a point of making ‘Daddy Time’ with my preschooler a little more structured (but no less fun) with a series of activities that I thought would keep both of us interested. Not only that but also that would throw a bit of STEM style education into the mix (more on that in a bit) and teach my little cub something about how stuff works

LEGO is great for this, it’s a popular gift for toddlers and you’re invariably going to end up with a lot of it lying around your house. You can make a lot of interesting things other than simple buildings or walls. However, sometimes this requires a little lateral thinking and planning ahead. Making contraptions that are going to be fun and exciting enough for a preschooler to help with adds another little puzzle into the mix.

With that in mind I went in search of ideas, made a list and then let my son pick what we did  from it each time he was ready for a little LEGO challenge. 

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