KIPP Navigate & KIPP Heritage Teachers – We Appreciate You!

At this time of year, we usually bring flowers, candy, favorite food, and thank you notes to teachers. While we should be celebrating teacher appreciation week, the pandemic has forced us to #STAYHOME. 

While I wish I could be celebrating my teachers in-person at Kipp Navigate and Kipp Heritage, this doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them for all of their hard work during this pandemic. Personally, it’s been hard to come up with ideas. But I’ve been thinking,”I need to figure out how to show my appreciation now, more than ever.” Because our teachers always figure out ways to reach our children. Even with remote learning, they continue to teach. They are finding ways to teach each child, even if they have a different way of learning. They pivot, adjust, and find a way to make our children understand the lesson and stay on track.

Dear Teachers, I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you’re doing every day throughout the year. I understand that being a teacher comes with so many emotions; sometimes you might be sad, other times happy, and sometimes you might be stressed. We’re all humans but I’m here to support you. I appreciate when you call, send an email, or text me to let me know how my children are doing. I appreciate you because you value the hard work of students. I appreciate the care you take in preparing your lessons, and how you often work late.

I appreciate YOU, especially during this pandemic. You act quickly and have found ways to use technology to get your class up to speed. I’m very grateful for that.

You have become part of our family, because you love and care for your students as if they were a part of yours. 

I guess you can say that the way I’m celebrating, and appreciating our teachers is through writing this blog. On behalf of students and parents –  Thank you, teachers, for all your dedication and hard work!

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Eva Heredia

Eva Heredia

Eva is a parent leader at Rocketship Discovery Prep and at KIPP Heritage Academy in East Side San Jose. She currently lives in San Jose California with her two beautiful daughters and her husband. She was born in Mexico City in 1976 but also considers Oaxaca as her home because of her mother. She began her leadership at Rocketship Discovery Prep over four years ago. She learned that there was so much more that she could do as a parent beyond volunteering in her children’s classroom. Eva became fully aware of the political involvement a parent must act on. She has the experience and extensive knowledge about public officials, school board members, and school administrators who play an important role in public education in East Side San Jose. She supported the opening of Kipp Navigate at a State level, by advocating for quality schools alongside other parents in 2018. She then became a founding parent at Kipp Navigate. Besides being a champion for high-quality education and choice, she also helped build the Wooster Neighborhood Association in her community. She is the voice for her children, students, and her community. She is a huge supporter of parent engagement, choice, and access to higher education. In addition, Eva also attended an Adult High School and graduated from Independence High School in 2019.

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