My Journey in Finding Great Schools for My Children

Every child should have the opportunity to receive a high quality education. Education is the key to success in life, but unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity. The bad experience I had when I was younger is the main reason I fight for quality education, and a safe environment, for my children. I attended elementary school in Mexico, and I never imagined my first school year would traumatize me for so long. I remember how rude the teacher was with many of the students. He would punish me when I didn’t know how to pronounce something correctly, hitting me with his ruler, or an eraser. I’ve never forgotten his hard gaze. I didn’t say anything to my parents, because I was scared. Also, I thought his punishments would get worse if I spoke up. Many teachers at that school were good, but some of them were not meant to teach. This is also true here in the United States, and in my own neighborhood; East-Side San Jose, California.

11 years ago when I started a family of my own, I began to fight for quality education. Before my oldest son started kindergarten, I was already looking for great schools that would provide him with a high quality education. I was worried because my son was timid, and did not talk very much. I didn’t want my children to have a bad experience like I had in my childhood. 

I found a local school in my community, Rocketship Mateo Sheedy. My two daughters ended up attending this elementary school as well. I liked the quality of education, and their values. I had excellent communication with the principal, Ms. Guerrero, their teacher, Lorena Chavez, and the rest of the staff. Another principal was Jason Fromoltz, and he had this incredible enthusiasm for the students. I liked when Mr. Fromoltz said, “the students have to be ready with their uniform like they’re going to church.” He gave so much effort. Later on, I decided to switch my younger daughter to a different Rocketship school, Rocketship Rising Stars. I appreciated this opportunity, and option. Although at first I thought twice, because Rocketship Mateo Sheedy was like my home.  

When my son graduated from elementary school, I was concerned about the school options for middle school. But Rocketship hosted a festival and invited many middle schools. They provided a lot of useful information that helped me choose the best school for my son, and for my family. Also, some parents from different schools shared their own experiences. I ended up really liking KIPP because it had a similar curriculum and high expectations. When I enrolled my son, he was on a wait list because they had many kids who were interested.  That year KIPP opened up two new schools; KIPP Heritage and KIPP Prize. I was very lucky, because I had the opportunity to apply for my son to attend both, and he ended up at KIPP Heritage. I love KIPP because they also teach their students about college, and make it a priority for them. 

All in all, looking for options that are right for you and your children isn’t easy. I wish all schools were high quality, and the search to find great schools wasn’t difficult. When it was time for my son to transition to high school, I found myself searching for great options in my neighborhood. But that, my friends, will have to wait for my next blog! Please stay tuned.

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Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez is a Latina mom leader from Zacatecas Mexico, she lives in San Jose, CA with her family, her husband and three children, two daughters and one son. She graduated from the High School Escuela Popular in East San Jose, because of her bad experience in her education. When she was young she decided to study child development and her goal is to be able to help as a teacher's assistant recently she became interested in studying topics that have to do with children with special needs. She is a founding mom at Kipp Navigate high school in East side San Jose. She is a believer 100% of school choice and high quality education she is a member of the santa clara charter school collision, her children attend Rocketship Mateo Sheedy, Kipp Heritage and now Kipp Navigate , she is very involved in all the school she go also she is part of KFA (the kipp family association), she knows first hand the education and believes that the involvement of parents involved is essential in the daily life of a student.

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    arman.underpin services

    Your honest account of the challenges and triumphs you faced resonated with me. It’s like you opened up a window into the real-world struggles of finding the right educational fit for your kids. The way you described the highs and lows of the process was so authentic, and I’m sure it’ll be a source of comfort for other parents going through a similar journey.

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