Proposition 15 Increases Funding For Public Schools and Community Colleges Every Year

My name is Marisela Ramos, and I live in the city of East Palo Alto, CA. I am a volunteer in the community, with the mission of obtaining a better future for my children. I am a member of the East Palo Alto West Side Neighbors Committee, providing information and support to our community on tenant rights and immigrant rights. Our committee contributed to the delivery of food to the people who have been most affected by this pandemic. East Palo Alto has very high Covid-19 numbers. I get involved in causes to help solve problems that affect the residents of my community. I also participate in the Innovate Public Schools parent leadership group. As a mom, I know how important an excellent education is for our children.

Innovate Public Schools is a non-profit community organization bringing resources to children and families, supporting parents to become more involved in their children’s education, and participating in school district meetings to help parents’ voices be heard by expressing their points regarding their children’s education.

I support Proposition 15 because it would increase funding each year for public schools and community colleges in the city of East Palo Alto, and all over our state. I ask the voters to please support us by voting yes on Proposition 15. This tax only applies to large corporations in California, it does not affect small businesses. With these funds, we can help the schools with the greatest need more, and the help would go to our children. We know how difficult it is to work and provide a quality education without sufficient funds, with overcrowded classrooms. In this covid-19 pandemic we have been observing that schools are facing new challenges, and that they are not technologically prepared to teach our children at a distance. 

At Innovate, we are investing resources and time in reaching out to voters in our County of San Mateo. We are encouraging you to vote yes on Proposition 15, and we are also hosting virtual candidate forums for local elections. 

It is in the hands of the voters to help bring more resources to invest in the quality education that each child deserves. Help us with your vote in this election and vote in favor of Proposition 15. You can read more at

Thank you.

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Marisela Ramos

Marisela Ramos

Marisela Ramos is a parent leader living in the East Palo Alto community in Silicon Valley. She is a member of the East Palo Alto West Side Neighborhood Committee, a member of Innovate Public Schools, and active in the education of her children.

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