Proud to Be Part of the KIPP Family Association

I’m writing this to share what the KIPP Family Association was before the pandemic. We held monthly meetings to discuss events as a community. I encourage all KIPP parents who want to be more involved in their children’s education to join the KIPP Family Association. 

Before the pandemic, we met with Ms. Torres every month to discuss and plan new events. We planned fundraising events for field trips and shared strategies, like volunteering at school to sell things. We organized school dances so all the students had an opportunity to socialize and have fun together. We organized some events during the year like Thanksgiving, potlucks, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Teacher Appreciation events. Last year we had the chance to participate in managing the events on the calendar. We shared community issues, ideas, and solutions.

Most importantly, our meeting was a time to share our opinions as a community and discuss any concerns. We had Ms. Verrochi with us in the meetings, and had the opportunity to share our views with her. It was also a time to get to know each other. I remember last year that we were at the KIPP Family Association meeting when Ms. Verrochi told us that the schools were going to be closed due to the pandemic. Still, we never imagined how long it would be.

 Since the pandemic began, our meetings are no longer in person. We had some challenges but still received good information. For example, restorative practices at home can help our children feel confident while learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Also, they give us tips on how we can provide support to our students who are taking ownership of their learning. We meet every month on Zoom. While it’s different than before, we’re still there to help our children. Now they also give us data on how to support our children. If our children need emotional support, they provide resources that encourage our children to talk about their experiences. I like to participate because we learn new ways to help our children at home.

 I am very grateful and proud to be a part of the KIPP Family Association.

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Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez is a Latina mom leader from Zacatecas Mexico, she lives in San Jose, CA with her family, her husband and three children, two daughters and one son. She graduated from the High School Escuela Popular in East San Jose, because of her bad experience in her education. When she was young she decided to study child development and her goal is to be able to help as a teacher's assistant recently she became interested in studying topics that have to do with children with special needs. She is a founding mom at Kipp Navigate high school in East side San Jose. She is a believer 100% of school choice and high quality education she is a member of the santa clara charter school collision, her children attend Rocketship Mateo Sheedy, Kipp Heritage and now Kipp Navigate , she is very involved in all the school she go also she is part of KFA (the kipp family association), she knows first hand the education and believes that the involvement of parents involved is essential in the daily life of a student.

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