All Kids Deserve a Community School like New Academy Canoga Park

As a mother, I feel that it is my responsibility to give my children the best possible opportunities so that they can succeed in school and succeed in life. That is why I decided to register my children in New Academy, although it is not a school close to our home. New Academy is not only a school, but it is also a family, and between teachers, parents, and students, we form a great community. In which we find ourselves working shoulder to shoulder for the well-being of our children, I feel very grateful because whenever I need it, I can ask for help, and I receive it, and my children like to go to school; they feel happy; safe and respected. The teachers at New Academy are amazing human beings capable of understanding the behaviors and attitudes of our children. They are always loving, respectful, considerate, and teach how to do things right in addition to teaching them respect, patience, and prudence.

I will never forget what my dad told me when I turned fifteen. He told me, “there is the world, and you have to explore it.” There is the world; it is our responsibility to explore it, to learn from our mistakes but above all, to be humble and ask for help when we cannot do things ourselves. Nobody is born knowing; along the way, we encounter difficulties, and we must lose our embarrassment; attempt to learn something new; It will make us grow and empower us to face the unknown. Although I am embarrassed to speak English, I have more and more confidence to learn and speak it with my children and the teachers at New Academy. 

I have always wanted my children to learn Spanish formally so that they can read, write and speak in two languages. Spanish is essential to me because I speak Spanish to them at home, and we have many family members who only speak Spanish; and I know that my children will benefit from speaking both languages ​​in this country. The Spanish language is very beautiful, but it is a complex language compared to English. It is more complicated grammatically, and the words are more complex. I am thrilled that New Academy teaches all students both languages ​​and helps us, parents, with English.

When the pandemic started; Many parents had very stressful moments mainly when we were faced with the challenge of using technology; without much knowledge of this subject; but New Academy helped us. In coordination with New Economics for Women, they gave a workshop to parents where they taught us how to use our children’s computers, how to access school websites and Zoom. What they taught us was of great help for parents because we were able to assist our children from home, attend their classes, communicate with their teachers, and do and turn in their homework. The greatest benefit was the approach we had with the teachers because we were able to talk about the progress and difficulties of our children’s education, give us opinions, ask each other questions and together, make sure that our children can succeed in their studies. I am proud that I myself continue to learn with the help of teachers, and even more proud to see my children so easily use technology with the teachings that teachers had already given them before the pandemic. Seeing my advanced children, I feel that it is worth making an effort as parents, investing time in our children will always give us great satisfaction and we are grateful that we can give them the opportunity of quality education at New Academy. It makes me so happy to know that everyone at New Academy supports and helps us, which makes us feel that we are not alone and that as parents involved in the education of our children we can succeed.

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Veronica Amador

Veronica Amador

Veronica Amador is the mother of two and a parent activist at New Academy (NACP), where her oldest son graduated from and where her youngest son is currently enrolled in Kindergarten. Veronica is a mother dedicated to her children's education and knows that her children will benefit from knowing both languages ​​on a formal level. She participates and attends the educational workshops offered where she has learned English and how to use the computer.

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