Education is Essential for Healing, Growth, & Success

Having been undocumented in the United States until I was 19 years old was one of my most mentally, emotionally and psychologically draining experiences. To me, education is essential for healing, growth, success, and autonomy. It allows me to understand the world I live in. It provides a path to better understand myself and how to prosper despite my traumatic past. Education gives me an opportunity to become the best version of myself that I can be. It allows me to grow confidently in my skills and talents; allowing me to blossom from a young and gifted child, to a strong and independent Chicana. 

I was lucky in many ways, I had access to the best education in my community of Boyle Heights. My mother was able to pay for private Catholic school K-8 where I was given individual attention. Attention most students my age who attended public schools in the area, did not have access to. This was something I picked up on quickly in high school, where I attended a newly opened charter school. I was part of the second graduating class and saw the inequality. I quickly became a student tutor for my friends, and was able to see firsthand how some of my classmates struggled. I helped because I wanted them to succeed.  

Many students were first generation students, some undocumented just like me. We had to learn how to navigate an educational system that was unfamiliar to us, unfamiliar to our families, and often broken and inadequate. 

I believe that we can care for our people, families, and communities through education. I am blessed and proud to be Mexican born, yet American raised and educated. I am passionate about education because I am passionate about my community, my history, my roots, my culture, and my future. We came to the United States for a better life; education and knowledge play a huge part in that success.

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Jazmin Rose Vazquez

Jazmin Rose Vazquez

Jazmin Rose Vazquez was born in Guasave, Sinaola, Mexico. She was given up for adoption to save her life at the age of 2. She was raised by a strong and devoted single mother in Boyle Heights. Her mother, Araceli, ensured Jazmin had the best education possible. Jazmin was undocumented until the age of 19 and was unable to finance her private school university education. Ms. Vazquez is currently finishing her undergraduate education at her local California State University in Los Angeles. Ms. Vazquez has worked Full-Time while attending and paying for her own higher education on a part-time basis. She has managed and consulted various corporations and small businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Ms. Vazquez strives to attend law school where she will earn her JD/MBA. Ms. Vazquez has earned many prestigious awards from local organizations along with recognition from city, state and federal elected officials who recognize Jazmin's commitment to excellence and helping her community.

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