I Appreciate Our KIPP Teachers

Dear KIPP Teachers, 

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work teaching my children. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I know last year was very different from the others. However, it was a year that taught us to appreciate your hard work. It’s not easy to teach via Zoom, and even more so when you have to take care of your own children at home.

Last year was a challenge for everyone, but it was a year of learning too. I started to think how difficult this would all be for teachers with children at home who also needed their help, and teachers who have children with special needs. My son told me one of his teachers has a child with special needs. I understand you have even more things to do now, which makes me appreciate your hard work even more. It has been a challenging year for all of us, but teachers have shown us great strength.

Equally important, I wanted to tell my son’s adviser thanks for supporting him from when he started high school until today. I was very grateful when you brought him his Christmas gift. This moment was extraordinary for my son, because I looked at his face and how happy he was when he saw your present outside. It was a great day for all of your students because you took the time to come to each student’s home and make their day a little more special. I appreciate all your support for my son, and additionally, your positive attitude.

We also wish a very Happy Teachers Day to our principal. You are a solid and inspiring leader of our school. We are truly blessed to have you — happy Teachers Day to our principal and all the teachers. You are the best!

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Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez

Evangelina Núñez is a Latina mom leader from Zacatecas Mexico, she lives in San Jose, CA with her family, her husband and three children, two daughters and one son. She graduated from the High School Escuela Popular in East San Jose, because of her bad experience in her education. When she was young she decided to study child development and her goal is to be able to help as a teacher's assistant recently she became interested in studying topics that have to do with children with special needs. She is a founding mom at Kipp Navigate high school in East side San Jose. She is a believer 100% of school choice and high quality education she is a member of the santa clara charter school collision, her children attend Rocketship Mateo Sheedy, Kipp Heritage and now Kipp Navigate , she is very involved in all the school she go also she is part of KFA (the kipp family association), she knows first hand the education and believes that the involvement of parents involved is essential in the daily life of a student.

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