I Dedicate Everyday of the Year to You Mom


You are my light, my teacher, my confidante, and my beautiful mother. I love you, and dedicate every day of the year to you.

I cannot celebrate you for just one day. Because every day, from the moment I open my eyes, until I close them, everything that I am and will be, is thanks to you. You have given and taught me everything. You have always taken care of me with love and devotion. You have guided me to have good morals, to be brave, to be ambitious. You were tough, direct, and honest as you prepared me for life with your experience and candor. You taught me to get up when life has knocked me down, and hurt me. Your hands have taught me tenderness, faith, and peace. In your arms, I am always protected from all evil. 

The only thing you haven’t taught me is to exist in a world without you. I hope I don’t have to learn that lesson anytime soon.

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Jazmin Guerrero

Jazmin Guerrero

Jazmín Guerrero is from Guadalajara, México and the mother of three daughters who attend schools in the San José Unified District. Jazmin began advocating for ​​special education when her 3 year old daughter needed help getting a diagnosis. Over the years Jazmin has come to realize our public education system is very unfair to children with special needs; especially to children in our Latino community. Being a parent leader in the “Yo Soy Tu Voz” leadership and advocacy group has given her the opportunity to advocate, educate, and support other Latino families having access to a fair and equitable education.

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