Are You Feeling Post-Pandemic Anxiety? Here’s How to Cope

For many of us, the pandemic has been one of the most challenging times in our lives. It was literally a ‘choose your stress’ situation spiking concerns such as our very health, having enough money to meet our families basic needs, childcare for parents who still had to work, and trying to combat depression, anxiety, and the learning gap for our children. Plus the plain old loneliness and isolation from those we love. It was a year full of struggle, and without much joy. 

So now that things are opening back up, we should all be thrilled…right? Not so fast. Our country has faced a collective trauma; our brains aren’t just rubber bands that immediately snap back to attention. Many adults and children right now are experiencing post-pandemic anxiety. Whether it’s feeling awkward at your first dinner out, or overwhelmed by crowds, the anxiety of putting ourselves back out into the world is real. As per here are a few tips to ease the discomfort: 

Don’t Dismiss the Trauma and Grief You’ve Experienced

“The residual emotions of the pandemic aren’t any less serious than the anxiety associated with a diagnosable mental health condition: The trauma from being in COVID is really scary, and similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Make Solid Plans to Counter the Uncertainty of the Present Moment

“If you’re uncomfortable heading into a very large crowd, ask your friend how many people might be at the gathering, so you know whether you’ll be comfortable attending. Know your boundaries and limits ahead of time. Ask yourself, what are you willing to tolerate? Is it your group size, mask wearing, amount of time present? Then stick to that plan.”

Take Time to Consider What the Pandemic Taught You

“If you’re struggling with a lack of closure for everything that’s been lost over the past year, take some time to consider what the pandemic taught you and what lessons you’ll be taking away from it. Take some time to reflect. What do you want it to mean to you? What do you want to take out of this before you enter the world again?” 

For more great tips check out the article (linked above) and let us know if you or your family is experiencing any post-pandemic anxiety — and what you’re doing about it.

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