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My two children have attended Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep since it opened. I still remember the meetings when we voted on the name of the school. There were several very good names like “Blue Sky ” but the idea of strength won over the parents who wanted to have strength in the education of their children. It was very awesome to see many parents in all the meetings to make it possible to have a school where parents would be listened to and taken into account. My daughter Karla was very successful during her years at Fuerza. She scored 99% in the measure of academic progress tests. I like that students are given medals and diplomas recognizing their learning to motivate them. She attended Fuerza from kindergarten through 4th grade. 

Rocketship Fuerza has gone through 3 important leaders; Maricela Guerrero, Juan Mateos, and now Brianna Neveras. I thank them, and each one of the teachers who have been part of my family during these seven years. I have been involved in my children’s education and school since their first day, and although at the start I did not understand everything, it was important for me to be present and involved. I wanted to learn how to support them. 

I have been reading in the Los Dichos program, have been nominated for SSC (School Site Council board members) for several years, and participate in school meetings and events. It’s very important to be involved in our children’s education to help them develop their potential. I always say the winning formula is a combination of parent + teacher = successful student. 

Today, I am happy and proud with so much that I have learned and how I have helped my children during these years of their elementary school education. 

My daughter is now in the 6th grade and attends Kipp Heartwood.

We continue to do homework together and I attend school meetings.

My son Christian continues to grow in 3rd grade at Rocketship Fuerza and is thriving just as his sister did.  Christian has learned a lot and has been lucky to have teachers with a lot of patience and love. He also looks forward to going to Kipp Heartwood in the 5th grade. I chose Kipp for them on the recommendation of parents and teachers at Rocketship. I have felt supported by the schools at all times.

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Cynthia Colmenares Ramirez

Cynthia Colmenares Ramirez

Cynthia Colmenares Ramirez is the mom of two children and happily married. She is originally from Tomatlán Jalisco, Mexico. Her children are her motivation for everything she puts her mind to. She and her family are residents of East San Jose, California and she is involved in her community. She is a founder and leader of Rocketship Fuerza and Kipp Heartwood Academy and member of the Santa Clara parents' commission, and also, a Popular High School alumni. She has worked in various nonprofit organizations, and is heavily involved in pandemic assistance by helping families access resources such as free food distribution. Cynthia continues to expand her knowledge by completing an essential nursing course, and a medical terminology class at San José City College. She also took a leadership course, and a Technology and Health Programs class at CommUniverCity of SJSU. Cynthia became Ambassador and Warrior against COVID 19 with the County Public Health department and completed CPR classes. She also obtained a California license in sanitation and food handling for a mobile business, and most recently graduated from ELLA (Engaged Latina Leadership Activist / LCSV). She is also a member of Sí Se Puede Colectivo group (Somos Mayfair, Amigos de Guadalupe, Veggielution, Grail Family Services, Schools of art and Culture / Mexican Heritage plaza). She considers herself a lifelong learner and will continue to expand her horizons so that she can help her two babies and her community.
Cynthia Colmenares Ramirez

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