Education, Parent Poem: A Shocking Reality

Rocketship created the opportunity for us to interlock beliefs regarding our own personal issues within our educational community. 

Collectively we all understood that we, as parents and our children, were not important. This truth, we’ve lived with for a very long time. The excitement of not being alone in this truth, its understanding surrounds you and the idea that togetherness can change it.

The power of a group of parents who have heard the word “No” before, who researched, listened, and realized that the opportunity before us is here to stand up for what is best for our community. 

I am tired of hearing “No!” especially without cause.

The excitement, power, perseverance, unity, are accompanied by complete and utter fear, unpleasant emotions caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

Walking into the building that is home to the Texas State Board of Education. The board, a group of individuals who were chosen, selected and placed to oversee the betterment, rules, guidelines of our education system.

This seemingly endless room of velvet ropes with brass endings. Retro wooden desks placed in a circular pattern, outlined with basic office chairs, focused on the cylinder of power. I am honored to be here, I gathered my smiles as we all sat down.

Finding the rhythm and cadence of the event before me, it begins. 

The conversation on why’s and how’s. 

Position of money and that and this etc…

The gallery is covered in unique, focused representation from different areas of Texas. 

A specific time allotment has been given to discuss the pros and cons. 

Two hours in, the once collected smiles have dissipated, the pockets of respect tossed out, throat tight, heart-pounding, facial expression of disbelief conflicted with reality.

To see the frothy mouths of the board members spewing insinuated verbiage of us as non-reading, t-shirt motivated, out of place, cherry-picked, dumb non-humans.

Tears go away, don’t fall, this is not happening here… 

what’s going on….

Anger married fears. My human suit has been ripped away again.

Following you everywhere, even in places you don’t believe, the truth of being a minority from a low-income area, you are too dumb to matter. You’re too stupid to realize, you’re too uneducated to understand, just stay in your place.

This consciousness is positioned in high authority, they have the power! This room should not be filled with such fear. I am appalled! But not really!

My greatest lesson on this journey is perseverance, demonstrated gracefully by amazing brilliant people leading with kindness, unity, and hope. 

We arrived and left greater than the cycle of judgment that allowed such fear.

What do you think?
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Yolanda Seban

Yolanda Seban

Yolanda Seban is a single mom of 4 children. She is a proud graduate of an HBCU! Yolanda is a team player and always eager to learn. She loves coffee, is a DIY queen, and is very artsy. Prior to having children, Yolanda was a ballet dancer for eight years. Growing up, Yolanda’s mom looked for the best options for her and her brothers, but the best options required money, which they didn’t have. Yolanda grew up in South Dallas near the State Fair. She gained an understanding early on of how she was counted out just because of her zip code. She was labeled without, because of where she lived. Yolanda now lives in Fort Worth and is a fierce parent leader who worked alongside other parents to bring Rocketship Public Schools Texas to their community.
Yolanda Seban

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