What I Learned at N.E.W Academy Canoga Park Elementary School

My memories from N.E.W Academy Canoga Park (NACP) are great ones. My teachers were always loving, caring and taught us the importance of respect. They made us see the good side of making mistakes and encouraged us to learn. I still remember in kindergarten when my teacher named Miss Guzman got me and a couple of other students in trouble for talking back to her. I wasn’t always on my best behavior when I was younger, but at a young age from Miss Guzman, I learned that bad behavior led to consequences. That has really stuck with me since. I learned from my teachers, my parents, and my fellow students that everyone deserves respect. 

My favorite subject in elementary school was math because it always came easily to me. Since it was a subject we did every day at school, I found myself quickly finishing the tasks assigned. My teachers taught me to help those students around me who needed help. Not only was I allowed to help others, but I was also more comfortable asking for help in other subjects that didn’t come as easily to me. We as students learned how to work as a team in the classroom, and help each other with our weaknesses in order to succeed. 

N.E.W Academy Canoga Park (NACP) was the right choice for me. Not only was I able to learn academically, but I also learned valuable lessons that have helped me since graduating. It was a space for me to be able to learn, feel welcome, and have friends. I was able to see my improvement in myself. I take my lessons from NACP with me wherever I go.

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Andy Melgar

Andy Melgar

Andy Melgar is currently in the eighth grade and enjoys soccer and playing the guitar. He is interested in eventually attending UCLA or CSUN for a career in electronic engineering.

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