These 25 Mobile Apps Can Help Your Students Get Excited about Learning

Education apps help students practice what they learn in school in fun and creative ways. Let’s encourage children and young adults to use their phones and tablets to their learning advantage with these 25 apps. 

  1. PBS Kids Video and PBS Kids Games

Your children can watch PBS Kids shows anywhere now on the video app and then head over to PBS Kids Games to learn while playing games based on their favorite shows.

  1. BrainPOP Featured Movie, Jr. Movie of the Week and ELL 

Brain POP apps are constantly releasing unique animated movies to help your kids practice reading comprehension. They even have BrainPOP ELL, an app for English Language Learners.

  1. Sight Words Reading Games and Sight Words & Phonics Reading

These apps were made for beginning readers and are great for kids ages 2-7. 

  1. Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy apps cater to your children at all ages. Khan Academy Kids is great for young minds and the Khan Academy app provides teens and young adults with study resources for every subject. 

  1. Idioms and Slang Dictionary

We use and hear idioms everyday, but do we know where they come from? This app teaches you the meaning and history behind thousands of idioms used in the U.S. 

  1. Phrasal Verbs App

This study tool helps you learn and practice phrasal verbs (like “go with” or “look after”) in an easy way. 

  1.  EarthViewer

Earthviewer is like a time machine for Earth’s history that allows you to explore 4.5 billion years of Earth’s geography and climate. It’s perfect for students and parents who are curious about Earth’s past and what the future holds. 

8.  Duolingo

This app is perfect for students learning or wanting to practice their Spanish, French, or German. 

9.  Google Earth

If your kids are interested in exploring different cities and countries, this is the perfect app for them. Google Earth allows you to see the world from a different point of view through satellite imagery 3D models. 

10.  iTunesU 

iTunesU makes teaching and learning easier by creating an online database for assignments and study materials.

11.  ABC Magic Phonics

This app helps young children learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, which gives them the tools necessary to become better readers. 

12.  Vocabulary- Learn New Words Daily

Whether your students are working on expanding their vocabulary for personal growth or for bringing up their grades, this app is great for anyone wanting to learn new words.

13.  Spelling Test Quiz

If you’re learning or teaching English, this app has so many educational games great for improving your spelling skills. 

14.  English Grammar

This app will help your kids practice their grammar knowledge through easy and effective tests. 

15.  SAT Flashcards

Make SAT studying easy and fun for your high school students! This app covers everything from Math concepts to vocab words. 

16.  Grammar Book

Working on your grammar is important to improving your writing and public speaking skills. Let this app inspire your students with tons of quizzes and practice.

17.  Photomath

Photomath is a mobile app that uses your smartphone camera to scan and recognize mathematical equations; the app then displays step-by-step explanations on screen. 

18.  Microsoft Math Solver

Online math solver with step-by-step solutions to algebra, calculus, and other math problems. 

19.  Quizlet (Flashcards)

Quizlet is the easiest way to study, practice and master whatever subject you’re learning.  Create your own flashcard sets. 

20.  Socratic by Google

Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your school work at a high school and university level.

21.  Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.

22.  edX: Course by Harvard & MIT

edX brings online courses from the world’s best universities and industry-leading companies to your mobile device, making it easy for you to learn something new and build job-relevant skills in today’s fastest-growing fields.

23.  Udemy: Online Video Courses

Learn in-demand skills with over 155,000 video courses.  Choose courses taught by real-world experts. Learn at your own pace.  Courses start at $14.99 but there is an extensive list of free courses as well.

24.  Cursive Writing

Kids learn to write in cursive handwriting. Cursive writing is a great way for the family to practice handwriting. Select various options in the “settings” screen. For 4+

25.  Khan Academy Kids 

This app helps kids ages 2-8 get excited about learning. It provides lessons and books for preschool through second grade.

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