LAUSD Athletics and Extracurriculars Now Require Students to be Vaccinated

As of October 31st, unvaccinated athletes in LAUSD have begun to be removed from their school’s sports programming until they can provide proof of vaccination. Athletes who do not get vaccinated will be dropped from their teams altogether. The vaccination deadline also applies to band, cheer, and other in-person extracurricular activities.  

Some students are heartbroken about being removed from their teams for their vaccination status because it is their parents who won’t allow them to get vaccinated. The district confirms that 77% of those eligible in athletics and other extracurriculars are vaccinated and the other  23% remain unvaccinated after the deadline. Accordingly, students were removed from activities for ineligibility on Monday morning.

Some seniors, who are turning 18 this year, say they’ll move forward with getting vaccinated as soon as they turn 18.

Parents were notified via the LAUSD website about the October 31st deadline. The message for athletes and their parents regarding Covid-19 vaccines was clear- 

From LAUSD Website

After October 31, 2021, your child will not be permitted to participate in in-person extracurricular activities without proof of vaccination if they qualify to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Extracurricular activity is a program that takes place outside of the instructional day that is supervised or financed by the District where students represent the school/District.

Comadres, what do you think about this policy?

What do you think?
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