Governor Gavin Newsom Nominates the First Latina to the California Supreme Court

In February, Governor Gavin Newsom nominated Appeals Judge Patricia Guerrero to the California Supreme Court, making her the first Latina to serve on The Court.

Guerrero is 50 years old and lives in San Diego, where she served as an Appeals Judge to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal. She grew up in the Imperial Valley and is the daughter of Mexican immigrants. As an alumna of both UC Berkeley and Stanford Law School, Guerrero has worked hard to get to where she is in her career. 

When Governor Newsom announced Guerrero would be the nominee, he stated: “Her extraordinary journey and nomination to serve as the first Latina justice on the bench of our state’s highest court is an inspiration to all of us and a testament to the California Dream’s promise of opportunity for all to thrive, regardless of background or ZIP code.” 

Surrounded by family, Guerrero released this statement: 

 “I am deeply honored [to be selected and if confirmed would] make a positive impact on the lives of Californians across the state.”

“I didn’t get here alone,” Guerrero shared in a video. “I stand on the shoulders of my parents and my grandparents who came to this country for better opportunities for their children. I think it’s important for people to see that… they can achieve whatever dreams they want with opportunity and hard work.”

As you may know, Latinas make up about 20% of the population in California, but we still remain woefully underrepresented in industries across the board. Having Latina representation on the California Supreme Court is a victory, but we still have a long way to go. 

For now, we can celebrate this win! La Comadre congratulates Judge Patricia Guerrero on this amazing appointment. It not only means so much to Guerrero and her family, but to every family in California who sees themselves represented in her story.

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