How James Jordan Middle School Supported My Family Through the Loss of my Daughter

James Jordan Middle School has been home to three generations of my children. None of my kids were in middle school at the same time, so my family has really been able to witness the school’s growth over more than 10 years. My oldest daughter started at James Jordan in 2011 and she’s now in college. After my oldest daughter left, my younger daughter entered middle school, and finally, my son followed. He’s now in 8th grade and finishing up his time there. 

I chose to send my two youngest children to James Jordan because of the great experience I had with my oldest daughter. It’s very special to know that my son’s principal and all the administrators today were once my daughter’s teachers too. I’ve seen the people in charge move up over the years and it’s beautiful to know that they still care about the students and want to see them motivated to succeed.

When my son was in 6th grade, my youngest daughter passed away at 16. We weren’t expecting it, but the entire James Jordan community came out to support my son and our family during this time. My daughter wasn’t even at James Jordan anymore, but everyone still came to the funeral. Not only the students, but the teachers, staff, and administrators. My son took some time away from school during that time and the principal always called to check up on him. Everything they did was very special for my family because I know that not every school would do this. 

With so many years that we’ve been involved in James Jordan, the school feels like a family at this point. I’ve always recommended it and they might be strict, but they have always been there for my children and my family.

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Martha Espinoza

Martha Espinoza

Martha is the proud mom of three children. She’s been involved in the James Jordan Middle School community since 2011 when her oldest daughter enrolled. Since then, her two younger children attended JJMS and her son is currently a student there. Martha loves spending time with her family and her hobbies include exploring new places and restaurants.

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