Comadres, Did you Know Your High School Students Could Enroll in College Classes?

High school students could be taking advantage of dual enrollment, also known as concurrent enrollment.  Dual enrollment allows high school students to take community college classes at their local community college or on their high school campus. The classes count toward their high school diploma and are fully transferable to a four-year (UC and CSU) university. Having this type of head start in higher education could make all the difference in the world!

In many cases, the perks of picking college in high school are very appealing. Classes offered to high school students are free and delivered either online or during the normal school day. Enrollment fees and textbooks are free and, in most cases, a city bus pass is provided for transportation. Other benefits include getting a college ID card, access to the library, and tutoring. Students only need parent approval to enroll!

The biggest advantage of all is the savings you will receive. Concurrent enrollment saves students and parents a significant amount of time and money.   

If you and your students are interested in finding out more about how to enroll in college while in high school, check out the links below!

Dual Enrollment Information

California Community Colleges

Jumpstart Report

LAUSD resolution (September 2021) to promote dual enrollment and provide access to East LA College 

LA County Office of Education College Accelerator Network

Riverside Community College Dual Enrollment 

San Diego Community College Dual Enrollment 

San Bernardino Valley College Concurrent Enrollment

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