Alma Martinez

Alma Martinez is the Community Relations Specialist at Community Medical Centers, where she focuses on identifying barriers to healthcare access faced by low-income, diverse populations. Ms. Martinez is tasked with recommending solutions to bridge gaps in access to care for disadvantaged communities. Prior to joining Community, Ms. Martinez was a reporter and program host for Radio Bilingüe in Fresno— a community news and cultural network broadcasting information to Spanish, English, Mixteco, and Hmong-speaking listeners in California, the Southwest and to more than 100 U.S. affiliates. In the span of her 12-year career at Radio Bilingüe, Alma focused on issues facing Latino, immigrant and farm worker communities including— the uninsured, environmental health, education, immigration and civic participation. Born in Mexico, Ms. Martinez emigrated along with her parents to California’s Central Valley at the age of 3. She attended Los Banos High School and California State University, Fresno. Alma began her broadcast career at local television station KMSG TV59 in Fresno, where she produced a 30-minute documentary on the life of a farm worker family from Soledad, CA. In June 2002, she joined the National Latino Public Radio Network, Radio Bilingüe, as associate producer of the national news talk show, “Línea Abierta.”

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