Alondra Medina

Alondra Alvarez is the mother of three boys and stepmother of two girls. She came to the United States in January 1990 when she was six years old with her mother and two younger brothers to live with their father. She attended San Jose Unified School District, and graduated from Andrew Hill High School from East Side Union School District in 2001. In 2000, Alondra met Deanna Brown, a teacher teaching self-motivation techniques, at Andrew Hill for night school credits. Deanna changed her way of seeing life and her future, giving Alondra hope for a better future. Alondra graduated doubling her GPA in one year and surpassing school credits thanks to Deanna’s motivation and guidance. Alondra attended Evergreen Community College for two years studying political science. At the age of 18, Alondra became the owner of her own business, selling it in 2005 to start her family. In 2013, Alondra joined a parent leader group in San Jose, and today she is active in her community and in her children’s education.

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