Cassandra Vazquez

Cassandra is a local of the northeast pocket of the San Fernando Valley, where she has grown up most of her life. She spent her early childhood days with her family in the suburbs of Ventura County and later moved back with her mother to their native home in the Valley, where she filled her adolescence with being a kid in a new world. From spending long summer days at Sylmar Park playing sports with friends to learning about the different worlds of public and private schools, Cassandra grew to appreciate her individual experience as a modern-day Valley Girl. She is a 2020 graduate of Los Angeles Mission College with a degree in Communication. Cassandra also has a passion for highlighting groups that are working to strengthen her community in positive ways such as enriching the options for healthy lifestyles, incorporating sustainability, or simply beautifying neighborhoods in the SFV by illuminating its native history and deep-rooted pride. She hopes to soon become a part of her local small business community in healthy food alternatives that hopefully continues to grow for generations to come.

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