Daisy Medina-Arreola

Daisy Medina-Arreola is an alumna of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Compton Unified School District and lastly, Green Dot Public Schools coalition. She is a graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media. During the time that she worked as a receptionist for the university’s writing department, she learned administrative assistance and refined her writing skills. She also spent her college years exploring volunteer interests by joining campus organizations at which she tutored students from underserved communities, and supported parents of children with terminal illnesses. She gained leadership knowledge through her involvement with the Student Activist Project (SAP) where she learned about social justice issues that affect marginalized communities in and outside of UCLA. From there she was introduced to Students for Education Reform (SFER), a non-profit organization ran by student leaders across state chapters. Education has been a powerful tool for Daisy, which is why she has remained with SFER after graduating from the university, pushing for quality education to be implemented everywhere. She is currently working as an assistant to a bestselling author and outspoken social justice advocate. Daisy aspires to work alongside filmmakers promoting diverse representation on the big screens. She is passionate about storytelling and the arts so in her free time she enjoys listening to music and attending concerts, or watching TV series and going to the movie theaters. She currently resides in the community of South Central, Los Angeles.

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