Isaac Alvarado

Isaac Alvarado is a first-generation Mexican American. He grew up in East Los Angeles where he witnessed many inequities in access, even as a young boy. His parents were committed to providing him and his sisters an environment that was conducive to their success and relocated their family to a more residential area in Norwalk. There ,he attended Santa Fe Springs High School and went off to pursue a college degree at UC Riverside. While in college, he experienced the hardships that came with being a first-gen college student: the difficult transition form high school to college, the culture shock, the financial challenges that stemmed from tuition hikes, and the reality that he was unprepared for the college rigor. It was those same experiences that led him to graduate and seek opportunities working with under-resourced communities. He went off to attain his single-subject Spanish credentials from Biola University, where he found his passion for education. He currently serves as a substitute at a local unified school district, where he hopes to continue learning the ropes of serving as both an educator and advocate for students often lost under the cracks. He looks forward to getting back in the classroom full-time in the Fall, as he feels that more than ever, students are in need of positive male role models whom they can identify with and view as mentors.

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