Jemima Hernandez

Jemima Hernandez is an immigrant born in Cali, Colombia and arrived to New York when she was 18 months. Since moving to California 8 years ago, she has achieved many accomplishments. She was never told of the importance of education as a child leading to her dropping out of 9th grade. 10 years later, she received her GED, attended College for 5 years and will be a Spring 2019 graduate earning her A.A in Psychology/Sociology and transferring to SJSU to continue her working on her B.A in Psychology. She is a parent leader for KIPP Excellencia Community Prep and has dedicated herself to advocate for children by working with the community to teach the important of parental involvement in children’s education. Her goal is to work for the community and be a catalyst for change for children experiencing abuse. She has faced incredible hardships and obstacles throughout her life that have only motivated her to never give up. Her biggest inspirations are her two boys who fill her with life and her loving, supportive husband. She decided to bring her story to the readers of La Comadre in hopes of helping other parents understand what truly happens in our education system. She also come to learn from the other writers experiences and to grow as an advocate for education.

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