Juan Casas

Juan C. Casas was born in Mexico and was brought to the US at the age of two. He grew up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and attended several schools because his family moved frequently. During the summer before starting high school, he was selected through the raffle system to be a part of the first generation of Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School under Green Dot Schools. He excelled all four years and was involved in sports and school actives. In his senior year, he applied to several Cal States and UCs and was accepted to a majority, but due to his financial status, he chose East Los Angeles Community College to begin his college career. There he took general courses and found his strong interest for engineering. In 2012, he transferred to Cal State LA and began his major in electrical engineering. In 2015, he obtained his bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering. He currently works at ThyssenKrupp Aerospace full-time and plans to start a master’s degree program in spring 2018. During his free time, he enjoys dancing salsa, dedicating time to his friends and family, and volunteering his time to help out the community. In the near future, he definitely would like to become a senior electrical engineer.

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